Six unique businesses, one quality brand

Optimize Now is led by Kevin Browne, an experienced CEO with a 20-year track record of successfully working with governments, employers and local people to establish new businesses in new markets. With a legacy of building high performing leadership teams from indigenous populations across UK, Europe, Australia and Middle East, Kevin is now developing an exciting partnership with the following Optimize Now businesses:

Helen Richardson of Workpays


Led by Helen Richardson who has been an MD of large corporate businesses such as JHP Training and has been successfully delivering apprenticeship solutions in the UK for the last 10 years. Also, instrumental in the design of the IEP qualification for the employment and skills industry in the UK.

Public Sector Consulting

A European public sector transformation specialist with over 15 years helping central government, municipalities and not for profit organisations. They design and implement human capital projects, innovative management models and provide advisory services for increasing citizen involvement.

Andy Whitehead of AMPW


Led by Andy Whitehead, a qualified executive coach with a breadth of leadership experience across a range of sectors in the UK and Middle East. With effective coaching and mental toughness at its heart, AMPW help leaders to fulfil their potential and has successfully worked with senior teams and high profile leaders in local government, industry and the voluntary sector.

Mike Sixsmith of Think Straight Consulting

Think Straight Consulting

Led by Mike Sixsmith, a business development specialist, with over 20 years’ international experience in the recruitment, employability and skills sector. Mike helps business improve sales performance and growth by creating competitive differentiation and providing bespoke tools for sales teams.

David OSullivan of Ostling and OSullivan

Ostling & O’Sullivan

Led by David O’Sullivan & Julian Ostling with over 20 years of experience in providing evidence based solutions in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the Middle East. They analyse operating processes and systems against business objectives, identifying where these could be better aligned to build the capabilities required to succeed; and producing the evidence you need to evaluate and demonstrate your success.

David Heaqrd of Abintegro


Led by Tony & David Heard who provide engaging online technology & e-learning content for career management & transition. Used by hundreds of academic institutions, careers firms and businesses of all shapes and sizes to support the employability and career development needs of people in Europe, Middle East, America and Australia.