Service overview

At Optimize Now, everything we do is designed to enable organisations to improve performance. Success for us means that any organisation we work with is better placed to effectively manage its business following our departure, as a result of our transferring expertise, knowledge and tools to you throughout any assignment or project. This approach differentiates Optimize Now from more traditional consultancies; we don’t just diagnose and recommend, but can deliver change and embed best practice – leaving a legacy that adds value in the longer term – delivering a tangible Return on Investment.

Key to achieving this success is looking at specific requirements in the context of your broader business. Using the five key tenets of a high performing organisation – Leadership, Culture, Organisational Design, People and Change Management, we will work with you to ensure that the legacy of any work delivered by Optimize Now is embedded across each tenet, becoming part of what you do and do well.

Key disciplines we work within:

Capacity and Capability Building

The best processes in the world can be introduced to your business, however, they will never deliver high performance unless you create sufficient capacity and capability within your workforce. High quality leadership is fundamental to this and Optimize Now can work with you to develop innovative leadership programmes, designed to equip key employees with the skills to develop winning teams that are passionate about what they do, focussed, motivated, rewarded and mentally resilient. Amongst other traits, good leaders embrace change, use knowledge appropriately and communicate well with stakeholders. By working closely with your leaders, our own insight is transferred and in safe hands – future proofing your organisation.

Business Development

Optimize Now can work with your business to help it grow. Whether creating differentiation to increase market share or transfer into new markets, we can improve your capability across the Business Development spectrum; including market analysis, opportunity identification/assessment, product development and launch strategies, building sales pipelines, winning contracts and enhancing customer relationships.

Business Transformation

Change takes many forms within a business, whether a shift in strategic direction in response to market forces or new opportunities, or immediate needs around contract performance and new contract implementation. Optimize Now can work with you to help develop a vision and strategy that is harnessed by the entire organisation – everybody pulling in the same direction. We can work with you to develop and deliver performance turnaround plans and implement new contracts in a way that is sustainable and can be replicated in the future. We can also help to deliver the organisational change that is required to achieve any transformation including support with recruitment, training, employee engagement, career management and outplacement for employees exiting a business.

Technology as an enabler

Optimize Now uses technology wherever possible to enhance customer value and enable improved performance; whether through online careers management, skills training or leadership development. This combination of face to face and online delivery means that we can support more people for longer, increasing the value we add and the benefit you receive. Empower your employees to manage their own career development within your organisation with our new online career gateway, Optimise ME.
Across each discipline, Optimize Now brings together expertise from multiple markets across different countries and can culturally tailor our services to have an immediate and ongoing impact on your business.

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